The West Deer Food Bank (WDFB) was founded in 1982. Pittsburgh’s steel industry was collapsing and the region was in recession. Many steelworkers lost their jobs, meaning many area families struggled to get enough to eat. Sherry Smith and other volunteers committed themselves to meet this need, providing food to 59 needy families.


Almost 35 years later, WDFB continues that service and vows to keep on until it is no longer necessary. Food is still provided today to approximately 45 families. East Union Presbyterian Church provides space for WDFB and volunteers make up the staff. Donations from citizens and government subsidies enable WDFB to purchase groceries and to meet other expenses.


      • Food is distributed the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The WD Food Bank is run by volunteers.  Calender is displayed at the bottom of this page.

      • Food Donations

      • Food donations appreciated; please call church office prior to dropping off food donations at (724) 265-1381.

      • Monetary Donations

        Donations of money are kindly accepted.  Mail to: East Union PC, ATTN: WD Food Bank, 292 East Union Road, Cheswick, PA 15024; Checks payable to WD Food Bank)

Stats About the West Deer Food Bank

      •        45           The number of families that receive food distributions each year

      •       250    The number of volunteer hours donated each year

      •     1,080   The number of distributions per year

      •     8,500   The number of meals distributed each year


 $54,000  The cost of food distributed each year

      • How can I help?

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Food Bank Calendar