Youth Ministry

“Children are God’s best gift!”
(Psalm 127 ~ The Message)

East Union is a great place to grow up in God!

We love teens, and we’re committed to helping them explore and expand their faith as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence.

Youth Group
Nearly every Sunday evening during the school year, our Youth Group meets to play games, explore important questions about growing up and growing in faith, hang out and have fun!

Lessons are tailored to the needs of youth in 6th-12th grade, and youth may meet separately for discussion based on age or gender if appropriate.

Off-Campus Activities
include K-Love Concerts, PaintBall, the Escape Room, Go Ape, the Silver Ring Thing and the Pirates

Mission Projects
include packing boxes at World Vision, serving at the Easter Bunny and Santa Breakfasts, loading the Cabwaylingo truck, participating in our Family Mission Retreat and volunteering at Vacation Bible School

Retreats, Summer Camp and Conferences
foster faith in a unique way. Youth Group offers seasonal Lock-Ins and encourages participation in New Wilmington Mission Conference and Crestfield Summer Camp

A newly-formed Youth-Parent Planning Council will facilitate the planning of our calendar this coming fall with support from Pastors James and Jo, and Vonna Miller, Christian Education Chair

Sunday School
“Spice,” our newest Youth Sunday School!
Faith doesn’t have to be bland! Season your faith with a taste of something special!
Designed for Youth who have been Confirmed through High School Seniors
Students will explore Bible Stories through activities, discussion and study
Faith Games will be held in conjunction with the Grapple Class on the last Sunday of the month
Students earn a $5 Sweet Frog Incentive Award for attending 10 classes
Facilitators will teach on a week-to-week basis
All teachers have current clearances on file

Teen-Friendly ~ Youth are encouraged to attend and participate in worship. Specific care is given to selecting sermon images, stories, music and examples that feature and appeal to youth.
Youth Leadership ~ Youth are encouraged to serve as liturgists, and often assist with special services such as Summer Camp/Conference Sunday, Maundy Thursday Last Supper, Christmas Eve and Palm Sunday.
Pageants & Plays ~ Our youth have opportunities to share their talents in pageants and dramas, such as Ragman and the Grumpy Innkeeper. Pastor Jo writes and directs our pageants and plays, and welcomes new ideas and help!
Seasonal Blessings mark significant passages and honor precious possessions in the lives of our youth by asking for God’s guidance and care. East Union offers a Blessing of the Backpacks, Blessing of the Graduates, Blessing of the Animals and Blessing of the Bikes.

Confirmation is a rite of passage, a process which allows youth in 7th grade and older to take the next step in their faith journey. Students explore and affirm their faith, confirm their baptismal vows and join the church.

     Participants will:
          Attend interactive weekly Sunday morning classes filled with lively discussion, meaningful topics and honest questions
          Participate in mission outreach & spirituality field trip
          Share a prayer mentor relationship with an Elder on Session
          Attend an awesome weekend Retreat at Crestfield Camp & Conference Center
          Create Personal Expressions of Faith
          Confirmation is offered every other mid-winter from January-March based on eligible participants.
          Pastor Jo coordinates and teaches Confirmation Class.

Youth Officers
Our youth bring unique gifts and perspectives to our church which enrich our planning, decision making and priorities. To that end, East Union historically has invited youth to serve in called leadership positions. For the last three years, two Youth Deacons and one Youth Elder have provided insight and leadership as our church seeks to meet the needs of all ages. While no youth are currently serving as Deacons or Elders, they do have the opportunity to join the Youth-Parent Planning Council.

Youth Group Calendar