Faithful Followers Worship

This is an inspiring worship service designed for people with disabilities. Join us every Sunday during Traditional Worship, 11am, in the East Union Community Center.

Come as you are!  We put no expectation on how you dress, where you come from, what your religious background or beliefs are. Faithful Followers represents a melting pot of people from all walks of life, and we celebrate that! We share a love and passion for integrating the special needs community and caregivers into our personal, spiritual and Church Life. We have a steady flow of new-comers, and invite you to join in the celebration of Life with us. You are welcome to just observe from the back if it is your first time! Be advised, there is a good chance you will go home with a smile on your face, a song on your lips, and a couple of new friends in your heart!

Who:  Faithful Followers is a gathering of the local special needs community and the caregivers that help them. We are a diverse congregation from many different cultures, demographics, races and religions.

What:  Faithful Followers is a Christ centered worship service designed intentionally for the special needs community. Singing and motion is the core element of the service. Songs are learned through repetition with audio visual aids. Caregivers and special needs participants are encouraged to join the service leaders in the front of the congregation, leading in song, dance and body language. All participants are encouraged to express themselves in a way that is comfortable and natural to their spiritual experience. Small hand musical instruments are utilized, touch and personal interaction is encouraged. We observe a time for prayer, a scripture-based lesson is given each week, communion is offered once a month. The service is led by the Faithful Followers ministry team, with regular guest appearances from our Pastors and Church youth.

Where:  We gather at East Union Presbyterian Church Community Center - 292 East Union Road -Cheswick PA 15024. West Deer Township. We are located close to Deer Lakes schools. There are blue directional signs with the blue and red Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) logo/“East Union” posted at most nearby intersections, pointing you toward us. When you arrive at East Union Church, the community center is at the far end of parking lot. You will notice a white fence, white pillars. We enter through the double white doors. All parking spaces near the entrance are reserved for handicap vans and buses. Greeters will be waiting to help assist you into the building. Those that can walk are given an arm to hold, those in wheel chairs are helped in as needed. We are an easy access handicapped - accessible gymnasium and bathrooms.

When:  Sundays at 11:00 a.m. Due to the sometimes complex nature of transporting our special needs participants, not everyone shows up on time. Sometimes it takes a while to transition from vans into the community center. Sometimes you get lost getting here for the first time. It is OK to be late, Greeters will be waiting to help you in from 10:45 through the end of the service. The service ends at 12:00.

Contact Us:  E-mail us with any questions, if you are interested in volunteering, or if you would like a call from one of the Faithful Followers ministry team.

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