Prayer & Care Ministries

Everyone struggles sometimes. A difficult medical diagnosis, the loss of a job, the death of spouse, a rocky patch in a marriage, a defiant child, aging parents, financial stress - whether Christian or not, every life includes rough spots. Feelings of pain, sadness, frustration, abandonment, fear and shame can leave us isolated and alone. But, we aren’t meant to make the journey on our own, cut off from people who love us and want to support us. And at East Union, we have a family of faith waiting to care.

We have many pathways that lead to care.

· Prayer Cloud: A network of church members, as well as the pastors,form the links in our prayer cloud. Please email the prayer cloud contact to initiate a prayer request. If you would like the pastors to contact you regarding your concern, let the prayer cloud contact know directly. Please note that concerns on the prayer cloud will be handled with sensitivity and respect, but are not confidential.

· Pastoral Care: The Pastors consider it a sacred privilege to be invited into the inner lives of our church members. They are always available to listen, encourage, provide spiritual support, pray with and refer to appropriate resources. Please contact the pastors directly or call the office for a confidential appointment.

· Hospital Visits:
The pastors are available to visit members before, during or after a stay in the hospital. Please be sure to call or have a family member call the office or the pastors if you’d like a visit.

· Homebound Communion is always available to shut-in or ill church members. Please contact the office to request communion.

· Care Team: Our confidential Care Team meets regularly with Pastor James to identify people in need of care and make plans to address their issues and needs.

· Homebound or Shut-In Members: The Deacons ‘shepherd’ our homebound members. If you are a shut-in or know a shut-in who needs care, please contact the Deacon of the Month listed in the bulletin. Pastor James also regularly visits our homebound members.

· Transition Support: Certain times of life place extra demands on the family. We have a network of Deacons and friends who will prepare meals after the birth or illness. We also can help in the case of an emergency financial crisis. The church office can initiate these services.

· Shepherds: Every member of East Union is part of a flock. The flocks are tended by an elder-shepherd. Your shepherd will reach out to you every few months, and will be made aware of those absent from church for an extended period. Please let your shepherd know if you have needs, concerns or ideas to share.

And remember: Just because people care about you, they don’t necessarily know or recall what’s going on in your life, nor can they read your mind. Trust us…tell us! We want to be there for you! Let people what you want and need----and our pathways to care will lead you home to God.

Paths To Care

Church Office: 724-265-1381

Pastors’ Home Phone:

Prayer Cloud Contact:  
Teresa Williams: 412-767-8667

Session Shepherds:  Carol McCaskey 724-312-5656

Deacons:  Shari Smallwood 724-265-6214