New Members

If you would like more information on joining East Union Presbyterian Church, please contact the Vicki at the church office at (724) 265-1381 for information or e mail her at...

In the Presbyterian Church new members are received in one of three ways:

By Letter of Transfer - If you are a member of another Christian church we honor that membership and our church office will write to your former church for a letter of transfer. You need not contact the previous congregation unless you wish to do so out of courtesy.

By Profession of Faith – If you have no previous church affiliation or if you are a new Christian, you will be baptized and received into membership by profession of faith.

By Reaffirmation of Faith – If you have been a member of a church in the past but have not been active in that church for some time you will be received by reaffirmation of faith.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should be Part of East Union

10. You get to gaze at good-looking pastors every Sunday!
9. East Union offers quality programs, classes, studies and activities for all ages!
8. You get to hear positive, uplifting, meaningful, challenging sermons!
7. You receive encouragement to live a Christ-centered life!
6. You would have friends who understand about the real things in life and support you and your family in them birth, family, marriage, struggle and even death.
5. You would be among a group of faithful people who are passionate about their community and world!
4. It makes you an important part of a caring community!
3. You learn how God is actively working in our lives in real ways!
2. Your God-given gifts are honored and you can put them to effective use in helping others!
1. You would grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ!